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Going on Vacation? Don’t Know What to Do With Your Garden?

Going on Vacation? Don’t Know What to Do With Your Garden?

Recently we had to go out on vacation for a couple of weeks, and I was faced with this problem. After doing research on the internet for a couple of hours, I was able to gain so much information about how to tackle this issue.

If you go for two weeks or more, surely you must’ve asked your neighbor or caring friend to look after your home and your yard occasionally. But when you have no one to turn to for help, and even three days break can ruin your garden, due to the terrible weather, you need a permanent way to water your lawn without it losing its essence in this period. Also since we have a gas grill installed in our garden we needed to take further precautions to make sure everything stayed safe. Also if you don’t use a bbq grill then you’re missing out a lot, I personally suggest you get one which suits your needs, this here is a good resource you can check –


I found a few good solutions which you can also try if you’re planning a vacation or a get away for a few days.

Automated irrigation Systems

If you’re fortunate enough to have an automated irrigation system, then your task is simple. Set your irrigation system according to the weather forecast during the days of your absence. Deep watering at night should be enough, even if a heat wave is expected you can configure it to work twice, one at night and one morning (before the sun rises).


In the market, you be able to find land moisture meters at good prices. They are meters that are inserted in different parts of the garden and floor to measure the humidity. It can also be connected through the wire, to send the information to your irrigation system, which will help you determine when to give water to the plants. They are ideal for sites with rain, if there is going to be a big storm, then you can avoid watering that day.

Home Systems to Water Plants on Holiday

There are many little tricks that you can implement to keep your plants hydrated in your absence. One of the most popular things involves placing an “automatic sprinkler ” which will absorb the necessary water as the land dries out.

To make it, take a ruler and insert it inside a light fabric like a canvas or gauze in two layers. Then put the whole thing in a large bottle filled with water. Dig a hole in the floor of the garden, the pot or a planter, and place the bottle upside down into the earth. It starts watering immediately so that the dry land begins to take water from this bottle buried.

Remember to put moisturizing beads or pebbles and dried leaves above the ground level, to help preserve moisture.

Things to Do – Before Leaving on Vacation

Trim the plants in a suitable manner according to the season and cut the grass, leaving it clean in conditions. Use a string trimmer if you’re not sure. If you don’t use a string trimmer yet then I suggest you get a best weed eater for your needs. It helps make the whole task really easy. At night, before leaving on vacation, water properly, and repeat if you have enough time in the morning before the sun rises. Do not flood it, but be sure to leave the wet soil well so that your grass does not get dried up.